I am so appreciative of those that have befriended, helped, supported, guided, coached, photographed, videographed, and generally helped keep me wanting to push forward in this sport. There are so many to name!
  • Supra Boats: All the people I've been associated with at Supra have been exceptional...the management, the staff, the reps, and the riders are in my opinion the best out there. I love being a part of your team!

  • The Boat House Chicago: Same can be said for The Boat House Chicago team. You guys always make your customers the top priority, and treat them the way they should be treated...like family! You have looked out for me with the boat, equipment and service. Thank you all so much!

  • O'Brien Watersports: so pumped to be part of this great team. Thanks for believing in me and hooking me up with the best gear I could ask for :)

  • Jetpilot: stoked to have joined the Jetpilot team. Another one of the great brands of the industry. Truly appreciate all your support!

  • All Action Sports: you were the first to believe in me. You have helped promote me and you gave me the confidence in myself. You are truly all about the sport.
  • Fort Fremont Marine: One of the first comps I competed in, and still the best. Love being involved with you guys and pulling your comps!

  • Coaches: Definitely want to thank my Florida coaches Trevor Hansen and Cobe and Tarah Mikacich for all the coaching they've given to me on my trips to Florida. I am so much a better rider as a result.

    Photographers: thanks so much to Lisa Roller, Whitney Rupp and Andy Worrell, who have provided me a multitude of photographs and videos! You have brought my Facebook page to life for sure!

  • Fellow Competitors: too many to name, I watch you all ride and you inspire me to push myself to go further. So many crazy tricks being thrown these days by guys and girls that continue to make the sport what it is...extreme!

  • My family: And special thanks to family. To my little bro Zach for being my training partner and pushing me to try things I haven't thought possible, and to Mom and dad for all the support you have given me (and driving me up and down the lake) to help me pursue my dreams!